Self Governed Gaming

Self Governed Gaming

This exploration of self sovereign identity into NFT gaming, comes as the result of a funded proposal Revelar put in for Project Catalyst's Fund 7.

Project Summary

In our proposal, we wanted to explore the potential usage of Atala with gaming. Our initial proposal scoped out quite a bit of development work including the usage of our Discord server as a testbed. Our original plan was to incorporate Atala into our Duo bot and use that as the test case however we ended up not doing this for two reasons:
  1. 1.
    The ecosystem around DIDs still needs quite a bit of development, wallets and wallet standards need to be developed further before it becomes easily usable for many/ We felt the technical burden here was too big.
  2. 2.
    Through our own development experience with our Duo discord bot, we realized that the Discord bot was a very developer-expensive operation. It has a number of API considerations and we eventually turned our internal development attention away from a Discord bot and towards the development of our own webapp (which we have been working on ever since.
These two considerations prompted us to remove the deliverable for the incorporation into our Duo discord server. We also realized that the development of a test-case would be way more expensive than our original proposal plan, hence we rather diverted our attention to creating a developer flow that other developers could use. Our other deliverables remained in place and we produced two community articles published to Medium:
⚠️ We are still waiting for our certificates of completion from IOG for the Atala Prism pioneers course hence their omission in this documentation
Final Closeout Report & Findings
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